everything else is calculated

Initial RV Cost

Depreciation year 1

Depreciation year 2

Depreciation year 3

Depreciation year 4

Depreciation year 5

Financing Expense Section (60 month, 5 year loan)

How much do you plan on financing?

What is the Interest rate?

This will be your monthly payment

sales tax percentage for Indiana

Plates and Registration fee for Indiana

Essential initial parts (hoses, etc).

insurance per year

storage per month

repairs and maintenance average annual cost



Look up your similar RV on

What is the stated rate on the website

Insurance, Taxes, and service fees can add up to 30%

If you rent your RV you would receive 80% of stated rental rate

Number of days you might rent it


Value of vehicle at the end of the year

Cost Category

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Depreciation expense

Interest cost of Financing

sales tax for Indiana

Registration Fee and plates

Essential Parts & Accessories (average)

Insurance (average annual premium)

Storage annual cost

Repairs and maintenance (average annual cost)



Total Annual Cost

Given the assumptions above, how many days can you rent an rv and breakeven on your ownership costs

Average cost per day of rental (you entered this above)

I can rent for this many days and breakeven against buying

Given the assumptions above, this section tells you how much you could make by renting your RV

Amount you might make per year for rentals

Net profit per year

Given the assumptions above, this section tells you how many days you need to rent the RV to cover your costs

Number of Rental Days you need to break even

loan amount

number of periods


interest rate per year

beginning loan



annual interest expense

period 1

period 2

period 3

period 4

period 5

period 6

period 7

period 8

period 9

period 10

period 11

period 12

period 13

period 14

period 15

period 16

period 17

period 18

period 19

period 20

period 21

period 22

period 23

period 24

period 25

period 26

period 27

period 28

period 29

period 30

period 31

period 32

period 33

period 34

period 35

period 36

period 37

period 38

period 39

period 40

period 41

period 42

period 43

period 44

period 45

period 46

period 47

period 48

period 49

period 50

period 51

period 52

period 53

period 54

period 55

period 56

period 57

period 58

period 59

period 60